Assistance with Lost Letterbox Keys in Melbourne

We offer all kinds of assistance with lost letterbox keys & locks. Whether you’ve lost a key and need another one cut or you require a complete lock replacement, our experienced locksmiths can provide a solution easier than you think. A lock so small doesn’t seem to warrant a service call from a locksmith, and it probably doesn’t. Give us a call here 24h Melbourne Locksmith & we’ll solve your lost letterbox key problem.

Code Number On Your Lock?

We can often cut keys for locks with a code number from a photo only.

Simply take a photo of the lock, send it through by email or SMS, and give us a call to confirm it can be done and discuss your delivery requirements.

For 2 keys cut to code and delivered by Next Day Express Post, prices start from as low as:
Price: $49.50inc GST.

Remember, all our keys cut by code are 100% guaranteed to work.

From these photos, you can see the relative position of the code stamped on the face of the lock. We can usually identify the lock from the image alone.

If There’s No Code Number On Your Lock

If there’s no code number on your lock, we can attend the property and cut keys on site. This is a matter of opening the locked letterbox, disassembling the lock, and cutting the keys by hand. It takes around 15 -30 minutes per lock. Once the first key is made, any number of copies can be made then & there on site in our fully equipped mobile workshop vans.

For 2 x keys cut on site prices start from as low as:
Price: $132inc GST.

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Other Keys To Code

Filing cabinets, office furniture, lockers & garage door handles are but a few of the locks that can also have code numbers stamped on the face of the lock. It’s also possible to make keys for these locks by code. Simply take a photo and send it on over to us by SMS or email and we will have a look.

For 2 keys delivered by Next Day Express Post, prices start as low as:
Price: $49.50inc GST.

For 2 x keys cut on site, prices start from as low as:
Price: $132inc GST.

key code

Don't let crooks steal your identity.

Get an ID thief resistant Letterbox lock!​

The Carbine LBX & LBX Pro.

From only $165 fully installed

Letterbox Lock Replacement

Sadly, theft from letterboxes is a very common crime nowadays. So common in fact that even international criminals are getting in on the action |ABC Article | Telegraph Article. Most letterboxes are woefully inadequate when it comes to security.  Some of the  problems include:

The Carbine LBX & LBX Pro solves all those problems.

The Carbine LBX Cam Lock costs only slightly more than a regular letterbox lock and is a way better option. It has a full size pin tumbler key that is more difficult to pick, and can be keyed alike as your front door key. No one can just get it using a code number, and the cam holding the letterbox shut is significantly harder to bend and force open by hand. Impossible to do without Big Tools. You will not regret your decision to upgrade your letterbox security.

Benefits Of The Carbine LBX

Prices Start From $165, including:

Nearly all front door keys are compatible, but not all. Give us a call today to find out about yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are hundreds of different key types and codes out there, and some are harder to source and cut than others. Just give us a call, or take a photo and SMS it to us on 0435 247 999 and we’ll confirm it for you over the phone. We charge from $49.50inc GST for 2 keys cut to code, including delivery by Express Post. This is for a single sided wafer key type which is the most common. Other types can be different prices

Yes. 100%. We have a money back guarantee that says so. However, in some cases the code number does not accurately reflect the actual key due to a change by previous owners, or sometimes a lock may not function properly after many years of non-use and weathering. More than 99% of the keys we cut to code function perfectly. If your keys don’t work, then we will refund 100% of your money and we guarantee to offer another solution to the problem, such as letterbox lock replacement.

No. Payment must be made before we cut and deliver your keys. Remember, we have a 100% money back guarantee. We accept Cash, or Visa/MasterCard.

A service call is required for us to attend your property and assist with lost letterbox keys. We will then open and disassemble the lock and cut keys by hand on site. Unfortunately, we have to charge more for this service as it requires a locksmith’s attendance, but we still guarantee the job, and we only charge from $132inc GST for this personalized service, including a few extra keys if needed. Give us a call and send us a pic to confirm yours.

Whenever you like. We have technicians available 24 hours per day. Just keep in mind that the cost can increase depending on your location and the time of day.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on returned keys to us that don’t work. If we send you keys to code and they don’t work, simply call us to arrange a site visit or return the keys to us by post, and we will refund your money including postage, no questions asked. You can’t beat that.

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