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Don’t tow the car to the dealer or mechanic. We come to you, we repair ignition locks onsite. Call now for a quote!

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Onsite Ignition Lock Repairs

We offer prompt & reliable, onsite car ignition repair services, providing a solution to all your ignition problems. As The Ignition Lock Experts in Melbourne, our highly trained auto locksmiths will quickly get you on the road again.

No Fix - No Fee. That's Our Guarantee.

We know our ignition lock repairs and we give quotes over the phone depending on the time, location, make and model. Normally, the price quoted will be the price charged.  However, auto ignition repair is not a simple thing and there are many things that cannot be diagnosed over the phone and have to be discovered onsite. If we get onsite and find that we are unable to affect the repairs for the price quoted, then you’re under no obligation to accept the new quote or to pay for our attendance to the old one. Simply put, if we don’t get the results promised for the price quoted, then you don’t pay anything.

No Shady Charges

Nothing we do is kept a secret − everything is made to be transparent as possible. We do not arbitrarily decide to replace your locks just to make more money. You’re more than welcome to observe the entire process of the repairing your ignition. If we have to do repairs of “ABC”, or replace it because of “XYZ”, then it will be carefully explained and shown to you why such an action is the best option to take.

Need prompt assistance? Call us anytime to speak directly with our specialist auto locksmith. It won’t be answered by some bozo in a call centre that will have to call you back or divert you thru to tech support or spare parts. Our phones are answered by qualified auto locksmiths who personally do the job and can intelligently discuss all the options regarding your ignition lock problem.

What do We Need to Know?

We always will start by asking the make, model and year of the car. If you’re unsure, please have the number plate on hand when you call. We have the digital resources that enable us to determine the exact details of the car from the numberplate as long as it is registered in Victoria. Some states outside of VIC do not have registration / VIN database open to the public.

We will ask some very specific questions regarding the ignition lock & key.

Does the key go in? Does it turn at all? How far does it turn? What are the lights on the dashboard doing? Is the steering unlocked? When did you last successfully use the ignition lock? Is the car in the sun or the shade? Is the key worn? Have you tried any other keys? Do you have any other keys? What else have you tried?

Some of these questions may sound silly and might not make much sense to you, but a good auto locksmith who knows his shit will know just what to ask when trying to diagnose an ignition lock fault over the phone, so try to answer them as accurately as possible. We might even ask for photos depending on the situation.

From the car details and the description of the problem, we will give you a fixed quote to fix it over the phone. Or depending on the situation, possibly the quote will be between 2 prices. For example, we may quote “between $250 – $300” Or in the event that we can’t give you a fixed quote, sometimes we will give you two quotes. The first will be to repair the lock if it’s possible, and the second will be to replace the lock if we can’t repair it.

Top 5 Most Common Ignition Lock Problems in Australia

From our years of experience, we’ve found there are certain makes & models of car that require ignition repair or ignition key replacement more frequently. Here is a list of the 5 most common and a description of the faults and repairs.

Onsite Auto Ignition Repair in Melbourne

Onsite Auto Ignition Repair in Melbourne

Ignition Lock problems rarely just happen suddenly without warning. If your ignition lock hasn’t failed yet but is playing up, then we urge you to CALL US NOW before it breaks down completely leaves you stranded somewhere, cold, wet and dark.

A jammed ignition lock is a very frustrating experience that can be compounded by where and when it happens.  When it breaks, Murphy guarantees that it always happens for maximum inconvenience, exactly when you want to use the car, and usually after you’ve left home & stopped for gas on the way to the airport.

If you are having problems with your ignition lock, then we can’t stress enough that prevention of a complete breakdown is better than the cure.

Where you want us, when you want us!

Where you want us, when you want us!

We can attend where you want us, when you want us, with a genuine Melbourne-wide, 24/7 roadside car ignition repair service. If we’re unable to repair your ignition lock to resolve the issue, we keep stock of the most common ignitions found in Australia, ready for speedy replacement.

We work out of our fully equipped vans and can also cut and program spare keys to your car. If you need a spare key to your car, please visit our car keys page.

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Auto Ignition Locks Advocacy.

Most people don’t think twice when they hop into their car, turn the key in the ignition lock and drive away. They usually have done this hundreds of times without a problem. We forget all about our ignition lock until there is a problem, and then we have to remember two things about them to have some appreciation for what they do for us:

1. Ignition locks on cars have to do a lot of complex things at once.
  • ✔️ Physically secure the steering wheel from rotation;
  • ✔️ Operate a 3 pole electrical switch;
  • ✔️ Operate with the correct key and ONLY the correct key;
  • ✔️ Be resistant to attempts of unauthorised tampering and still function with the correct key;
  • ✔️ Be strong enough to stop attempted force.
2. Ignition locks are subject to way more wear and tear than any other lock in the car.

Why is this so? Traditional ignition locks are designed in such a way so the key is trapped in the lock whilst the car is running. While the car is being driven, the road is never perfectly free of bumps, potholes and speed humps, as well as the car continuously accelerating and braking. The forces that these manoeuvres generate transfer through the key and into the components of the lock. Put simply, when you go over a bump in the road, the key will jiggle a little bit. Every time that key jiggles a little bit, it shaves off a tiny sliver of the brass. Now multiply that sliver by every single bump you drove over today. Then multiply that by every single day that you’ve had the car. That’s way more wear and tear than any mere door lock.

Think about the Weight of Your Car Keys​

Have a look at your car key ring. How many extra keys have you got on there? If you’re anything like the typical Aussie, then you’ll have your car key, and;

  • ✔️ Another 5 keys for your house
  • ✔️ Your partner’s car keys
  • ✔️ A building entry fob
  • ✔️ A gym pass
  • ✔️ A trolley token
  • ✔️ A picture of your dog

Or in other words, you’re hanging a brick off your car keys while driving down bumpy dirt roads.

Over time, those jiggles add up to a key that won’t turn in the ignition and a car that won’t start. Even if you’re not hanging anything off your car key while you’re using it, the car manufacturers will often allege that this is the reason car ignition repair is necessary.

Auto Locksmith Scams

There are no real “cheap” locksmiths, especially not ones that work on Auto Ignition Locks.

Auto ignition repairs cannot be carried out by just anyone claiming to be a locksmith. It’s a highly specialised job that requires extensive knowledge and training, and a dodgy job can seriously affect your safety.

Beware of anyone charging to “come and have a look” at your ignition − especially if they quote you “$45 and up”. Real Auto Locksmiths can tell you with accuracy, what the problem is from your description over the phone and will quote accordingly.

There are a number of conmen scammers in Melbourne and the world, claiming to be auto locksmiths. They quote ridiculously low prices for car ignition lock repair, knowing that usually the client is stuck. They quote low prices to suck the client in, and then they invent complications once they’re on site. The bill just goes up and up, and worse, the client doesn’t even get their lock repaired properly. They get some inferior modification that could lead to the car being stolen, or even worse − the steering wheel locking up at 110km/h on the freeway, leading to a fatal accident.

You do not need that in your life. To avoid these scammers:

  • ✔️ Do not hire anyone that will not give you a fixed quote before they start.
  • ✔️ Do not hire anyone who won’t give you full guarantee.
  • ✔️ Do not hire anyone who leaves you with any doubt at all about their credentials.

The average car ignition repair or lock replacement job takes around 2-3 hours and costs between $250 and $500. If it’s just the key that needs re-cutting, then the price could be as low as $180 in some situations. But it will never ever be as low as $45. Anyone quoting anything significantly under or over these prices is a probably a scammer and we advise you to steer well clear of them or you’ll be sorry.  You have been duly warned. Click here for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every job is different, especially when you factor in location and time of day. For the most common jobs and models, we have a fixed price for repair or replacement while for others, we will need more details. A seemingly faulty ignition on an older car may only need a key cut to code and no repairs at all! This could be as cheap $150 – $200.  Holden Commodore Ignition Barrel Replacements start at just $330.00 with a Lifetime Warranty.  An oh-so nearly working ignition lock on a VW, Audi or Skoda may need to be fully replaced for around $750-$1000 depending on the make and model.

This may sound expensive, but remember we come to you and fix the problem there and then, negating any need to tow the car to a mechanic and get an Uber or Taxi. When you factor in extra costs like these, our auto ignition repair service ends up much cheaper overall, and with far less hassle. 

You will be quoted to repair or replace the ignition lock with the key that you have. Sometimes a new key is the only thing required. If you require ignition key replacement in order to resolve the problem, then this is usually included in the initial price quoted.

Every car is different, and price can depend on the make, model and year, whether its diesel or petrol, and the type of key. There are literally thousands of cars and keys out there, and some are harder to make keys for than others. If you need a spare key, ask our locksmith who will be able to better advise you. You can also check out our car keys page to read more.

That depends on your location and the situation. We have dedicated auto locksmiths that answer our phone and can advise you on how long you’ll have to wait. At the time of booking, you will be given an ETA of the locksmith’s arrival and his direct phone number, confirmed by SMS. This generally will be a 15 minute arrival window, e.g. 20 – 35 minutes depending on location and traffic conditions.

We have technicians and emergency locksmiths in Melbourne available 24 hours per day.  However not all ignition lock jobs are possible after hours. There is an extra cost associated with booking us outside of normal working hours. The extra cost depends on your location, the time desired and the situation you want us to work in. For routine after-hours work, you can expect to pay around $50 – $100 extra for the service. For work in the middle of the night, on a Good Friday, a long long way away, the price is on application.

Yes. You can pay with Visa, AMEX or MasterCard. We don’t believe in fake money and are reluctant to even accept plastic, but so many people cannot pay cash anymore, so we are obliged to accept card.

No. All services must be paid for upon completion, unless arranged prior with the management. We accept Cash, Visa, AMEX & MasterCard, both Debit & Credit Cards. 

Upon confirmation of the job, you will be notified by text that you have 15 minutes to cancel our service with no charge. After 15 minutes of that text, any cancellation will be charged at $99.00inc GST regardless of whether any work has been performed by us or not. If you have to cancel our service after 15 minutes, it’s no problem for us, but you will be charged $99.00 in GST.

Absolutely. We stand by the quality of our workmanship 100% and guarantee all our work for at least 12 months. Some of our ignition jobs come with a Lifetime Warranty.

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