Locked Out? Call Our Emergency Locksmith in Melbourne

There’s nothing worse than being locked out, and it can happen to anyone at any time. At 24h Melbourne Locksmith, we’ve seen it all. If you’re locked out of anything, whether it’s your home, office or car, we can provide a prompt and efficient service to help you.
We offer a Melbourne-wide, genuine 24/7 lockout service, staffed by professional locksmiths that are all police vetted and highly trained. This means we’re capable of resolving all lockouts quickly and without fuss, with a fast 30 minute response. Resolution usually involves picking the lock, or using bypass tools to manipulate the inside door furniture or internal lock mechanism. Some locks in the Australian market cannot be picked open without damage. Beware of anyone who says otherwise.

Warning! There Are No Legitimate $45 Locksmiths

Beware of any cheap emergency locksmiths claiming to charge $45, or $35, or even $19 − this is a scam. It’s a well-known bait and switch tactic that could leave your security compromised by crooks, and your credit card details open to fraud. This is never the final price, and if you ask for specifics they will never give you a fixed price over the phone.
Never contract a locksmith who refuses to give you a fixed price to come and open your door after being locked out. If you have already called one, then call back right now this very minute and cancel. You can read more about scam locksmiths here.

Our Simple Booking Process

Arranging our top-notch emergency service is as simple as making a single phone call. We’re available to answer your call 24/7 and provide a fast and stress-free solution to your lockout problem. Simply give us the details and we’ll give you a fixed quoted price and an accurate estimated time of arrival over the phone. We pride ourselves on being an emergency locksmith with no surprises and no hidden charges.
When you confirm the service with our 24/7 operator, the system will send you an SMS with the attending locksmith’s name, direct number, ETA and guarantee details.
Not all locks are created equal, and neither are all locksmiths. However, we can always solve your problem for the same price as we quoted you on the phone. The price quoted is the price you will pay, guaranteed. No surprises. Not ever.
99 times out of 100, our emergency locksmith will have you back into your house within half an hour without causing any damage to your locks or compromising your security.

Opening the Locked Door

Most lockout situations are resolved quickly and without damage to the locks or keys. However, there are locks on the market that have no known vulnerabilities, and therefore will need to be drilled open if you’re locked out. These locks are rare, but they do exist. In the 1% of cases where we have to do damage to the lock to open a door, it’s never unintentional and it’s never because we want to sell you a new lock.
If we do have to drill a lock, it’s because that’s the only way or the most efficient way to open it. You can trust that we’ll never drill a lock deliberately, as we’ll have given you a fixed quote. If we have to drill a lock, we will replace it free of charge − that’s our guarantee. You will never be charged more than you were quoted.
When you call, our emergency locksmith will ask you specific questions about your door and lock in order to determine an accurate quote. If you have a special lock with high security keys, we might ask you to send us a photo in order to clarify what type of lock you have. While we will always be able to open your lock, it’s just nice to know what we’re up against before we arrive.

Free Spare Key Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

That would depend on where you are, what time it is, and what you want us to open. Our emergency locksmith will give you a fixed quote on the phone before we start.
$90 – $120 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
$120 – $180 Monday to Friday 5pm to midnight, all day Saturday
$180 – $260 Monday to Friday midnight to 9 am, Saturday night and all day Sunday
These prices are typical for 90% of all lockouts, but they may not apply to electronic, magnetic, high security, special or biometric locks, or to jobs where we might need to travel long distances. Our dispatcher will ask all the right questions to give you the right answer and provide an accurate quote. The prices of all our legitimate competitors are all around this mark. If you’re getting quotes that are dramatically lower or higher, it’s worth reading the fine print, as there are a number of scammers out there.
Remember, our price is a guaranteed fixed price for the whole job and any unforeseen complications, regardless of how long it takes us to open the door. With us, you get peace of mind and no surprises, as well as a spare key,

That depends on your location and the situation. We have qualified locksmiths on call all over Melbourne, and we aim to arrive at emergency lockouts within 30 minutes of your call. At the time of booking, you will be given an ETA of the locksmith’s arrival and his direct phone number confirmed by SMS. This generally will be a 15 minute arrival window, e.g. 20 to 35 minutes depending on location and traffic conditions.

The time taken to open your lock will depend on many factors, including age of the lock, quality of the brand, and correctness of installation. Our emergency locksmiths typically spend about 10 to 20 minutes opening a door, but there are easier locks and harder locks to open. You will have been quoted a fixed price to open the door, regardless of the time or technique necessary to open it, so you can rest assured that we’re not just wasting time to raise the bill.

You do not have to prove ownership, but we will ask you to prove your identity. There are many circumstances that require someone other than the owner of a lock to call a locksmith to open it, such as shop staff, rental tenants and real estate agents, to name but a few.
We will always ask some questions and request to see proof of identity. Although the legitimate client’s privacy is assured, we have a good working relationship with Victoria Police and regularly correspond with them if we have any concerns about the legality of a job.
Ultimately, if you’re not committing a crime, then we won’t have a problem verifying your legitimacy when you become locked out.

As we stated before, we can open 99% of locked doors with no damage. Your door can always be opened, but not all locks can be opened without any damage. Anyone who says otherwise is being less than honest.
Nearly all situations can be resolved with no with damage by either using a different route to gain entry or a different technique. In the event where we have no choice but to drill your lock to resolve your lockout, you will be consulted with, advised and asked, with no obligation to pay or to continue. The company policy is that if we have to drill your lock, then we will replace it at our own cost.
At the time of the phone booking, our phone dispatcher will ask as much information as possible in order to advise you of your options. These days, modern technology allows us to send and receive photos quickly and easily, making the task of identifying locks and models over the phone so much easier. We will give you a fixed price quote before we start.

Yes. You can pay with Visa, AMEX or MasterCard. We don’t believe in fake money and are reluctant to even accept plastic, but so many people cannot pay cash anymore, so we are obliged to accept card.

No. All services must be paid for upon completion, unless arranged prior with the management. We are not in the money lending business. We accept Cash, Visa, AMEX or MasterCard.

No. All services must be paid for upon completion, unless arranged prior with the management. We are not in the money lending business. We accept Cash, Visa, AMEX or MasterCard.

You can try, but just make sure it’s not the same credit card you’re going to pay us with after you’ve failed to break in. In the very rare event your lock is a “plain latch” lock, attempting to open it with your credit card will most likely result in the destruction of your credit card, and damage to the frame and paintwork of your lock and door. Although locksmiths still use that technique, it’s in very limited circumstances, and it’s with very specific “shimming plastic”.

Ring your cousin’s aunt’s best friend’s dad and ask him to send you the dubious link/film/footage, and then you can mess about watching and practising the unproven techniques you see with home-made tools.
There are no secret methods we can tell you over the phone. We are professional locksmiths who charge for a service. There are professional locksmith teachers and institutions who all charge for professional instruction. The apprenticeship takes 4 years and will probably resolve your problem faster than your cousin’s aunt’s best friend’s dad ever could.

We understand that keys may be found and minds might be changed in stressful circumstances. That is why we give you a 15 minute grace period in which to cancel the service, obligation-free. Upon confirmation of the job, you will be informed by SMS that you have 15 minutes to cancel our service with no charge. After 15 minutes, cancellation of service will incur a $49.50inc GST surcharge payable by cash or card.
Our technicians work long and hard hours, and they deserve to be paid. Cancellation on a Sunday morning at 4am after leaving the wife and kids at home to go and help someone is not very nice. If you have to cancel on our emergency locksmith after 15 minutes, there is no problem, but you will be charged $49.50.

Most people become locked out by leaving their key inside. Upon opening the door, we will provide one free in-line duplicate key from an original provided. Not all keys are legally able to be copied in this way. We are able to provide a spare copy of the key left inside in 90% of jobs. In the other 10%, we will provide a copy of another key at the client’s discretion. This is something that the scammers can never provide because they use their beat up 92 Toyota Corolla to do the job while we use fully equipped mobile workshop vans.

Absolutely. At 24h Melbourne Locksmith, we stand by the quality of our workmanship 100% and guarantee all new work for 12 months. If we have to drill your lock, then we will replace your lock and you will be consulted with beforehand. New locks are also generally covered by a 10 to 25 year guarantee by the manufacturer.

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