Broken Key?

Emergency Broken Key Removal in Melbourne


Have you broken a key off in the lock that you were trying to open or close, and now you’re stuck with half a key and an inoperable lock? Don’t panic − 24h Melbourne Locksmith can provide prompt assistance with our 24/7 emergency broken key removal service.

The  most common locks we remove broken keys from are the following

  • Garage Roller Doors
  • Window Locks & Filing Cabinets
  • Front Door Locks
  • Sliding Doors with Security Door twin

Our Broken Key Removal and Key Cutting Service

We have locksmiths on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week right across Melbourne, ready to attend to you on site and resolve your broken key issues. With special wafer thin stainless steel hook tools, we can usually remove any broken keys or foreign objects without disassembly of the lock. Once the broken key is removed, it’s usually a simple matter of cutting as many new keys as you like there and then, on site in our mobile workshop van.

Broken key removal in Melbourne can be easy or hard, depending on a few factors such as depth of the key, condition, and position of the lock. Broken key removal job is 15 minutes or less. The difficult key removal jobs, maybe an hour if disassembly is required. The average job, including cutting of new keys and sorting payment & paperwork, is around 1 hour.

The Cost to Fix a Key Broke in Lock

When you call and talk directly with our locksmith, they will ask very specific questions about what type of lock you have and what type of key is broken. They will then give you a fixed quote and an ETA. A typical price to remove a broken key and cut a new one is $80 – $120.

We can remove the broken key without disassembly or damage to the lock in 99% of cases. In the 1% of cases where we have to disassemble the lock to remove the broken key, you can be assured by our guaranteed fixed quote prices and our No Fix, No Fee policy, ensuring you won’t have to pay more than what was quoted. In 2017, we were contracted to remove more than 650 broken keys from various locks. Out of those 650 jobs, we had to disassemble 4 of them to remove the broken key − and these 4 locks were covered by our No Fix, No Fee policy.

Common Causes of Broken Keys

Some of the most common cases of a key broke in lock include:

Garage Doors

Broken keys in garage doors are the single most common type of emergency broken key removal job we see. At least 70% of our broken key jobs are locks on garages. This is because breaking the key off in a garage door is so easy to do; one simply needs to open the roller door while forgetting to remove the key. Of course, as the door rolls up, there’s not enough room for the head of the key to fit the gaps between the rolls, so it snaps off. Luckily, these are usually one of the easier types of broken keys to remove and re-cut. We’ll remove the broken key and cut you a new one in next to no time.

Worn Locks

Broken keys can be an indicator of a larger problem, such as a bad key or a lock that needs maintenance. These problems can make people use greater force on the key in order to operate it. In a correctly functioning lock with an accurately cut, good quality key, there should be no resistance at all in either turning the key or opening the lock. If you’re having any problems at all opening your locks, then we suggest you look at our page on lock repairs and adjustments before you end up needing broken key removal in Melbourne.

Broken keys can and do happen all the time, and you cannot schedule their occurrence. When they do happen, they seem to happen at the most inconvenient time, and always in the worst possible place. Don’t get a broken key on the day you need to be at the airport − schedule a visit from one of our locksmiths today.

Window Locks

Broken keys in window locks are also relatively common. This is usually due to the fact that window locks can be in awkward positions, forcing people to rotate the key from the wrong angle. Removing these broken keys can be fun, especially when it’s a small awning window in a bathroom 8 foot off the ground. We say fun because we enjoy a challenge! Once we get the key out, it’s a simple matter of re-cutting it there on site.

Front Doors

Breaking your key off in the front door is also a fairly common occurrence. People like to carry things through the doorway while keeping their keys in the door. However, it can be very easy to knock the key with your body or the item you’re carrying, and with the whole key captured in the lock and having nowhere to go, it has to snap. To prevent this from happening, try not to leave your keys in the lock while carrying stuff through the doorway. If you do experience a key broke in lock in your front door, we can help you remove it and cut a new one.

Sliding Doors

When you have a sliding glass door next to a sliding screen door, the gap between them is usually not enough for a key to happily sit in the lock. When you slide one door past the other, the handle or locking knob can contact the key. These doors are usually quite heavy and take a lot of force to get moving, and most keys are only made from chrome plated brass. All too often, keys left in a sliding door are snapped off when the other sliding door is operated, and bingo − you’re left with a broken key and a sliding door you can’t lock. Fortunately, removing broken keys from sliding doors is one of our specialties. Call us today to arrange emergency broken key removal for your sliding door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our typical prices are:

  • $90-120, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm,
  • $130-165, Monday-Friday 5pm-midnight, all day Saturday
  • $180-220, Monday-Friday midnight to 9am, 5pm-midnight Saturday, all day Sunday

If it’s a standard inline key and we don’t need to disassemble the lock to remove it, there’s usually no extra charge to cut the new key. These days, modern technology allows us to send and receive photos quickly and easily, making the task of identifying locks and models over the phone so much easier. If you give us a quick call and send us a photo, we can give you a very accurate fixed quote for broken key removal in Melbourne before we start.

That depends on your location and situation. We aim to respond to emergency broken key removal requests within 30 minutes. At the time of booking, you will be given an ETA of the locksmith’s arrival and their direct phone number confirmed by SMS. This generally will be a 15 minute arrival window depending on location and traffic conditions.

Yes. You can pay with Visa, Amex or MasterCard.

No. All services must be paid for upon completion, unless arranged prior with the management.  We accept Cash, or Visa, Amex & MasterCard.

Upon confirmation of the job, you will be informed by text that you have 15 minutes to cancel our service with no charge. After 15 minutes of that text, any cancellation will be charged at $49.50. Our technicians work long and hard hours, and any cancellation fee after hours goes directly to them.

Absolutely. We have a No Fix, No Fee policy and we stand by the quality of our workmanship 100%. We guarantee to remove a key broke in lock without causing further damage to your lock. We also guarantee that the price you were quoted is the price you will pay − not a cent more.

Sometimes, broken keys can’t be removed through the keyhole and it’s necessary to disassemble the lock to remove the broken key. In these rare cases, we will re-quote you on site. As stated in our No Fix, No Fee policy, you’ll be under no obligation to pay anything or to continue with the service.

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