Change the Locks

Change Lock Locksmith?

There’s no point in having locks if you don’t know who has keys or how many. At 24h Melbourne Locksmith, we can help you change locks in Melbourne for a more secure home.
Have you:

  • Just moved in?
  • Lost a key?
  • Had a flatmate move out?
  • Lent a key to a tradesperson?
  • Had umpteen AirBnB guests?
  • Had keys stolen?

If you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re the only one with keys to your security, then you should change your locks. This does not mean installing brand new locks on your doors and all the headaches associated with that. For a fraction of the cost of new locks, our can change only the keys to your locks and give you brand new ones that only you have. This is known as re-keying and it’s a safe and economical way to restore your security.
It involves removing the lock from the door, disassembling the key cylinder to its bare bones, replacing the existing internal lock pins with pins that match the new key, and then completely re-assembling all of the components. It may sound complicated, but it’s all in a days work for professional locksmiths like us. It generally takes around 20 – 30 minutes per lock, including lock removal, cylinder disassembly, re-installation and key cutting. The average re-keying job can be completed in less than 2 hours. Keys are generated and cut on site, meaning you can have the quantity you need while knowing that you − and only you − have the keys for your locks.

Can My Front and Back Doors Be The Same Key?

It’s possible for our to re-key as many locks as you like to be operated by the same key. This is a convenient solution for buildings with multiple doors and locks on entryways, like the typical Australian house. For example, you can have the front door, letterbox, garage door, security door, side gate and shed padlock of the same property all operating with a single key. This is known as locks beings “keyed alike” and it’s a great way to reduce the weight of keys in your pocket, as well as eliminate the fumbling in the dark when it’s late at night and you can’t find the right key for the right door.
There was a time back in the not too distant past where if your front door lock was a different brand than your side gate padlock letterbox or security door, then you had to have different keys for them all. These days, nearly all locks can be keyed alike, as most of the locks in Australia are configured to use one or the other of the 2 major key profiles. For the others, it’s usually just a simple matter of installing a compatible cylinder to the existing lock, which in no way compromises the security of the mechanism of your keys.

Squeaky Hinges and Rusty Mechanisms

Nothing is more annoying than a door that squeaks every time you open it, or a door that you have to slam to shut. “Good fences make for good neighbours”, should be amended to “Oiled hinges and well-adjusted locks make for good neighbours”. Rekeying your locks comes with the added advantage of having a service done on the entire door and lock system. We won’t let a squeaky hinge or a rusty latch slip by. When we change locks in Melbourne, we give the existing locking mechanism a clean and a service, removing the gunk that builds up, lubricating the bearing surfaces, and replacing any worn springs. When we finish with it, the key will turn in the lock smooth as silk, and the door will shut quietly, like it’s supposed to.

Master Key Systems

It’s possible to “master-key” single or multiple locks to a hierarchy of keys, where for example, each door on a floor of a building may have its own key, but is also opened by a “master key”. This is known as a Master Key System, and it provides an effective access and key control solution. For example, you may want to have a key that operates all the locks across your property, but you have a gardener that comes once a week, and you only want him to have access to the front and side gate and the back tool back shed. The solution is to rekey to a master key system. Or you may have an office with 10 individual cubicles and a communal entrance, a cleaner cupboard and a stationery cupboard. You want every one of those 10 cubicles to have its own key which doesn’t work in any of the other cubicles or the cleaner’s cupboard, but is able to open the communal entrance. And likewise, you’d want the cleaner’s key to open the communal entrance and every one of the cubicles, but not the stationery cupboard. And of course you want a Grand Daddy Key for yourself − a key that opens all of them. We have a whole page on the subject of master key systems – click here to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, it is a fixed rate of:

$99.00 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

$149.00 Mon-Fri 5pm-midnight, all day Saturday

$199.00 Mon-Fri midnight to 9am, Saturday 5pm-midnight, all day Sunday

PLUS $45.00 per lock.

So if you have a front and back door and call us at 10am Monday morning,  the price would be $99 +$45 +$45 = $189.00, including up to 6 keys.

There’s no hourly rate, no charge per key side, and no removal fee. Our rate is a flat rate. The only exception to this is commercial glass doors, which we will have asked you about over the phone already.

If all locks use the same key profile, then yes. You can check this yourself by trying to insert the keys from one lock into your other locks. If the keys go in but do not turn, then they’re the same key profile. No, it does not cost extra for our change lock locksmith to re-key locks with alike leys, and it will save you time and money in the long run.

As many as you ask for! Up to 3 keys per lock are supplied included, and extra keys are charged at $5.00 each.

Absolutely. You will be just as secure as you were before, and maybe more so, as our change lock locksmith will have removed the lock, verified its functionality, re-keyed it, and re -fitted it to your door. You can 100% rely on the fact that your old keys will not work in the lock once we have re-keyed it.

Whenever you like! Our technicians are available 24 hours per day to change locks in Melbourne, with the cost depending on your location and the situation. We aim to respond to emergency situations within 30 minutes. At the time of booking, you’ll be given an ETA of the locksmith’s arrival and direct phone number, all confirmed by SMS. This generally will be a 15 minute arrival window.

Yes. You can pay with Visa or Mastercard. There is however a 5% surcharge on all credit card transactions.

Absolutely. We stand by the quality of our workmanship 100% and guarantee it for 12 months.  Most new locks these days are also covered by a 10 – 25 year guarantee by the manufacturer.

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