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Domestic Security

At 24h Melbourne Locksmith, we reject the popular notion that “if they really want to get in, they will get in.” This is absolute rubbish. The installation of quality locks on strong doors and windows around your home dramatically decreases your chances of being broken into. Having a fancy alarm system that calls you or CCTV that records the thieves is all well and good, but these things only alert you AFTER you have already been broken into.
An adequate level of physical security around your home is the difference between your house getting broken into and the one across the street. Thieves are opportunistic and will exploit weaknesses where they exist. Don’t leave any weaknesses and they might rob your neighbour’s house instead of yours. Tough luck for them, but at least YOUR possessions and family are safe. Good quality locks on solid doors and strong frames are your best defence against home burglary.

Lock Supply and Installation Service

We supply, install and repair all types of deadlocks for your home or office. The locks shown on this page are the specific brands and models we use in standard installations. There are many different makers of seemingly the same thing, but not all factories or manufacturers are the same. We know, use and trust these brands and models and are intimate with the quality of their manufacture. We also know their limits when put under stress. For this reason we can vouch for these particular locks, although there are many good brands out there.

Warranty Issues on Locks from Bunnings. With us there are NO issues.

If you buy a lock from Bunnings and fit it yourself, the lock comes with a warranty from the store. But who is going to remove it and take it back to the store for them to repair or replace it in the event an issue does arise? And what are you going to use to secure the door in the meantime if that happens?
When you use a professional locksmith like us, you may pay a little more on the initial supply and installation of your locks, but you can be assured that we will save you time, money and hassle in the long term because our installations are always 100% professional. You know there won’t be any installation issues affecting the warranty, and in the unlikely event there is a problem further down the track, we will take care of all the logistics like diagnosing the problem, removing the lock from the door and providing an interim replacement.
When we supply and install a lock, we are responsible for the warranty. We deal with you, and then we deal with the manufacturer. When we supply and install a lock, in the unlikely event of any warranty issues, we will simply replace it like for like, and send the original back to the factory.

Non Standard Doors, Metal Frames, Outward Opening? We take care of that for you.

Some doors are not standard and may have metal frames or outward opening doors and other anomalies in the installation. These variations have only a slight effect on the price, ($10-$20) but information like this is crucial to the selection of the correct locks to ensure the correct installation first time round. Our locksmith will ask you all the right questions to determine what you need.

Which colour would you like? Dull Silver, Shiny Brass, Antique Bronze, Purple with Pink Polka Dots?

Most locks come in all the standard finishes like Chrome Plate, Satin Chrome and Polished Brass, and there are even some that come in Black, Brown, Antique Bronze and even more. If you see a lock that you like but it’s not the right colour or finish, chances are that the manufacturer makes it in the colour you want. There was a time when Lockwood made their locks in any colour in the Dulux colour scheme. Give us a call to ask if your preferred colour is available.

Our Prices Includes Installation, Keying, and Clean Up.

There are 2 prices next to each lock; one is for the supply and installation if we are not already on site, and the second price is for any subsequent locks or after we are already onsite for another reason or job.
The price given is the TOTAL PRICE and includes supply, professional installation and clean-up, and keying and extra keys, at your home during normal business hours and including GST. There’s no service call or hourly rate, and no extra fee if you want another key.

Multiple Locks and Bulk Discounts

If you want more than one lock installed, the price of the second or third lock decreases substantially, because of course we are already there at your home. We can do great prices on quantity, as well as keying them all alike for no extra charge. When comparing quotes, make sure to read the fine print and ensure that all the little extras like keying and extra keys are included. Call our emergency locksmith now and give us a chance to beat our competitor’s quote. You will be pleasantly surprised.

The Most Common Locks We Supply and Fit

Deadlocks and Deadbolts

Commonly fitted to the front and back doors, these locks are essential for an adequate level of security around the home. There are a few different types and configurations, but the thing that makes them all “Dead”Locks is their ability to be lockable from both sides. This eliminates the possibility of a thief breaking in through a window and removing the TV through the front door. The deadlocks on display here are all stronger than the average door which means that under attack, the door will break before the lock. This is not the full range of our dead locks, it is just the recommended minimums. If you have need of something better, give us a call to have a chat about your needs.

Kaba Deadbolt

$242 for the first lock
$143 thereafter

Gainsborough Deadbolt

$297.00 for the first lock
$176.00 thereafter

Lockwood 001 Deadlatch

$330 for the first lock
$242 thereafter

Lockwood 002 Lever Deadlatch

$385 for the first Lock
$275 Thereafter

Lockwood 355 Deadlocks

$396 for the first lock
$297 thereafter

Gainsborough Lever Tri Lock

These are commonly seen on new build houses in large estates. They are aesthetically pleasing and have multiple functions, such as passage set and deadlock, but can be insecure if not used correctly. This lock needs very unique holes drilled into the door to be fitted correctly which makes the use of another type or brand of lock in its place a difficult proposition. You will almost never hear a qualified locksmith recommend fitting one of these from scratch, but usually only to replace an existing faulty Tri-Lock.

$660 for the first Lock
$550 thereafter

Gainsborough Knob Tri Lock

$660 for the first lock
$550 thereafter

Knob and Lever Sets

These can be used on the internal doors or as secondary security devices in support of the main deadlock on an external door. They should not be used alone on external doors because they can be easily opened by hand from the inside at any time. There is an endless range of styles of knob & lever, as well as colours and finishes. If you don’t see the one you want here, give us a bell to ask us, I’m sure we’ve got the one you want out the back somewhere.

Brava Domestic Quality Lockable Knobset

$220 for the first lock
$132 thereafter

Brava Commercial Grade Lockable Knobset

$242 for the first lock
$143 thereafter

Brava Commercial Grade Lockable Leverset

$264 for the first lock
$154 thereafter

Lockwood 530 – Top Grade Commercial Lockable Knobset

This lock is an exception to the rule of cheap crappy knobsets. It is tough, relatively secure, fire rated, and comes with a 25 year warranty from the manufacturer. For a lock to be guaranteed for 25years, you know it must be good.

$330 for the first lock
$220 thereafter

Lockwood Top Grade Commercial Lockable Leverset

This lock has the same specs as the one above, except it is a lever and not a knob. It is tough & reliable.

$440 for the first Lock
$330 thereafter

Security Door Locks

These are fitted to screen and security doors, and come in a variety of styles, colours and configurations. The locks below are just some of the Security Door Locks we can supply & install. Remember, the price given, is the total price for supply, keying, and installation.

Whitco Tasman Mk2

$242 for the first lock
$143 thereafter

Lockwood 8568 Security Door Lock

$297 for the first lock
$165 thereafter

Whitco Leichhardt Sliding Door Lock

$297 for the first lock
$165 thereafter

Sliding Doors

Abus Patio Bolt

$165 for the first lock
$66 thereafter

Lockwood 680 Patio Bolt

$242 for the first lock
$143 thereafter

Whitco Blaxland Sliding Door Lock

$330 for the first lock
$165 thereafter

Lockwood Onyx Sliding Door Lock

$330 for the first lock
$165 thereafter

Window Locks

Windows come in all shapes and sizes therefore locks need to be made to accommodate them. We have locks for sliding, swinging, double-hung, sash, crittal and double glazed. If you have a window and you need a lock on it, we can help you. Here is a small selection of our products.

Whitco Sliding Push Lock

$165 for the first
$55 thereafter

Abus Window Bolt

$165 for the First
$55 thereafter

Whitco Lockable Winder

$187 for the first
$99 thereafter

Gates Locks

Gate Locks have to stand up under the weather, be flexible enough to ensure positive locking even with the continual movement of fences and houses, and of course be compatible with the other locks in the house. The D&D Gate Lock Range does all that in spite of being plastic. Yes we were sceptical at 1st too, but now we’re converted.

D&D Lokk Latch Pro

$297 for the first
$187 thereafter

D&D Lokk Latch Deluxe

$275 for the first
$176 thereafter

Garage Doors

There are many different garage door types. These T-Handle locks are for tilt and swing doors while the floor anchor is more the roller type garage doors. Locks that are in the centre of roller doors are usually installed in the factory, are not very secure and have to be swapped like for like if something goes wrong.

Lock Focus Lockable T Handle

$165 for the first
$88 thereafter

Lock Focus C4 Lockable T Handle

This type of lockable T-handle can be keyed alike with many other products and can probably be keyed to the same key as your front door. Remember, our prices include keying.

$187 for the first
$99 thereafter

Extra Lokk Garage Anchor

These ground anchors are great for Roller doors.

$275 for the first
$187 thereafter

Frequently Asked Questions

Obviously that will depend on the type of lock you want. The above list is not an exhaustive list of all the locks we supply and fit, but it is a good starting guide for the average home. If what you want or similar is not in the list above, then give us a call to discuss your needs. We will always give you a Guaranteed Fixed Price on the phone which will not change.

Yes. In the case of installation only jobs, we charge a fixed rate to come and install your lock. Generally it will be about $120 – $200 per lock depending on the lock and difficulty of installation. We will always give you a Guaranteed Fixed Price on the phone based on your information and/or photos.

Yes, absolutely. We stand by the quality of our workmanship 100% and guarantee it for 12 months minimum. Any problems after that may still be covered, as all of the locks in this list are covered by a minimum of 12 months by the manufacturer if not a 7 year warranty. In the case of Lockwood products, they have a 25 year warranty.

Yes. We can cut you as many extra keys as you like on site from the originals. Generally we will not charge you, unless you start wanting silly amounts of free keys.

whenever you like. We have technicians and emergency locksmiths in Melbourne available 24 hours per day. The extra cost depends on your location, the time desired and the situation you want us to work in. For routine after-hours work, you can expect to pay around $50 – $100 extra for the entire service. For after-hours work in the middle of the night, price is on application.

Yes. You can pay with Visa, Amex or MasterCard

No. All services must be paid for upon completion. We accept Cash, Bitcoin, Visa, Amex and MasterCard.

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