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Lock Supply & Installation Service

We are not simply an online lock shop where we post the stock out to you. 

We actually install the locks at your home or office.  

Our prices include Installation, Re-keying, and Clean Up.

Is your door Wooden or Metal?  Inward or Outward Opening? Single Leaf? Double Leaf?  Fire Door? Disabled Access? Outward Opening, Metal Frame, Non Standard Doors are our specialty.

Professional Advice – Get the right locks for the right door. No pass the parcel warranty issues with bad installation, wrong selection, or faulty stock with locks you bought online or from Bunnings.

Deadlocks and Deadbolts

Commonly fitted to the front and back doors, these locks are essential for an adequate level of security around the home. There are a few different types and configurations, but the thing that makes them all “Dead”Locks is their ability to be lockable from both sides. This eliminates the possibility of a thief breaking in through a window and removing the TV through the front door. The deadlocks on display here are all stronger than the average door which means that under attack, the door will break before the lock. This is not the full range of our dead locks, it is just the recommended minimums. If you have need of something better, give us a call to have a chat about your needs.

Knobs & Lever Sets

These can be used on the internal doors or as secondary security devices in support of the main deadlock on an external door. They should not be used alone on external doors because they can be easily opened by hand from the inside at any time. There is an endless range of styles of knob & lever, as well as colours and finishes. If you don’t see the one you want here, give us a bell to ask us, I’m sure we’ve got the one you want out the back somewhere.

Security Door locks

These are fitted to screen and security doors, and come in a variety of styles, colours and configurations. The locks below are just some of the Security Door Locks we can supply & install. Remember, the price given, is the total price for supply, keying, and installation.

Window Locks

Windows come in all shapes and sizes therefore locks need to be made to accommodate them. We have locks for sliding, swinging, double-hung, sash, crittal and double glazed. If you have a window and you need a lock on it, we can help you. Here is a small selection of our products.

Gate Locks

Gate Locks have to stand up under the weather, be flexible enough to ensure positive locking even with the continual movement of fences and houses, and of course be compatible with the other locks in the house. The D&D Gate Lock Range does all that in spite of being plastic. Yes we were sceptical at 1st too, but now we’re converted.

Price Inclusions

When comparing our service to Bunnings or DIY,  make sure to think about all the needed extras not mentioned in their retail price.  We do it all for you. Our service includes consultation so you get the right lock for the right door, professional installation, keying alike, extra keys and of course, the clean up afterwards.

What Finish?

Most locks come in finishes like Chrome Plate, Satin Chrome and Polished Brass, and there are some that come in Black, Brown, Antique Bronze and more. If you see a lock that you like but it’s not the right colour or finish, chances are that it comes in the colour you want. Give us a call to ask if your preferred finish is available.
That lock you bought from Bunnings….is there a Warranty?

Yes of course there is! When you buy a lock from Bunnings, the lock comes with a warranty from the store/manufacturer. But what about the logistics if something goes wrong? See Below.

Let’s say you can swing a hammer and a drill so you fancy yourself at a bit of DIY lock installation. So you go down to Bunnings and buy yourself a brand new deadlock for your front door, and you manage to install it exactly to the manufacturer’s specifications, (or risk voiding the warranty!)

Even though you had to go back to Bunnings to get an adaptor plate for your metal framed door, and it took you a whole Sunday, it all works great.

It’s all fine and dandy for the next 6 months, but then out of nowhere something goes wrong. You come home one night late on a weekend and your key doesn’t work. Or you’re going out to the airport to catch an OS flight and the door won’t lock.

Who is going to attend to you to remove it from the door and take it back for them to repair/replace in the unlikely event of some unlikely event?

What are you going to use to secure the door in the meantime if that happens?

These things need thinking about, especially if the locks in question are for a commercial purpose such as an AirBnB arrangement. What if your client can’t open or lock the door? Are you going to attend and sort out the problem?

When we supply and install a lock, we are responsible for the warranty. In the unlikely event of an unlikely event, we can attend site, professionally and officially diagnose the fault, and either repair, or replace it like for like, and send the original back to the factory.

When you use a professional service like ours, you may pay a little more on the initial supply and installation of your locks, but we will save you time, money and hassle in the long term. Our installations are always 100% professional and in the unlikely event there is a problem further down the track, we will take care of all the logistics like diagnosing the problem, removing the lock from the door and providing an interim replacement.

You simply can’t get that sort of service from a lock you bought on EBay or at Bunnings. Don’t risk it, use a professional.

Stop a Break-in before it happens

Get the Right Lock for the Right Door

Joe Blow: “….if they want to get in, they’re gunna get in.”

Any of our Gun Locksmiths: “Ha! Have you ever tried to force open a solid core wooden door with a lock installed and rated to AS4145.2:1993 Part 2? No. That’s right, I didn’t think so. Coz it ain’t that easy.”

The physical security of your home could be the difference between your house getting broken into and the one across the street. Good quality locks on solid doors and strong frames are some of your best defences against burglary and other forms of unauthorised access. Thieves are opportunistic and will exploit weaknesses where they exist. Having a fancy alarm system that calls you or CCTV that records the thieves is all well and good, but these things only alert you AFTER your security is already compromised.

Don’t leave any weaknesses and they will move on to your neighbour’s house instead of yours. Tough luck for them, but at least YOUR possessions and family are safe.

Why delay? Get the help you need today.

Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on the lock, installation, location and time of day. We charge $99 for a Service Call during normal hours, manufacturer RRP’s for the lock, and $50 – $250 for installation. All jobs are different but this is a good guide.  We ask all the relevant questions to give you an accurate quote for your particular situation.  

Yes. In the case of installation only jobs, we charge a fixed rate to come and install your lock. Generally it will be around $99 for the Service Call, and $50 to $250 per lock depending on the lock and installation. That is an example only and every situation is different. Give us a call or send us some photos of the lock and the door to get a price for your installation.

Absolutely. We stand by the quality of our workmanship 100% and guarantee all of our work for at least 12 months, in some cases we guarantee our work for life! New locks and parts are covered by Australian Consumer Law, and most reputable lock manufacturers have a 10 to 25 year guarantee on their products.

Yes of course! Extra keys cut onsite start at $5.00each. But if you are nice to our installer, stay out of his way, and offer him a cup of tea, he may just throw them in for free. (The offer of tea is essential)

Whenever you like. We have technicians and emergency locksmiths in Melbourne available 24 hours per day.  Yes it will cost more. The extra cost depends on your location, the time desired and the situation you want us to work in.

Yes. You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or Bank Transfer, but we have to wait longer for our money, take on extra risk, and of course pay fees to a 3rd party payment processor. If you want the best possible quote you can get from us, just pay in cash.

No. All services must be paid for upon completion, unless arranged prior with the management. We accept Cash, Bank Transfer,  Visa, AMEX & MasterCard, both Debit & Credit Cards. 

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"Paul is as honest as they come, understood my situation perfectly and went above and beyond to get the job done right. Could not recommend enough! Thanks again!"
Jonathon Brown

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