Owner’s Corporation & Real Estate Locksmiths

We offer a genuine 24h Emergency Locksmith Service that Owner’s Corporations & Real Estate Agents can trust & depend on.
Many others claim to be open 24hrs a day, but when the clock ticks 5pm, it’s very hard to get someone to answer the phone, let alone get a locksmith to actually guarantee to attend to you or your tenant.
We have many locksmiths & operate Melbourne wide, at all hours of the day & night so you can be assured of covering your whole portfolio of properties with one convenient service.
Our easy & flexible one step booking process makes it a breeze to arrange a job. Simply Call, SMS or Email through your job order with the details of the contact onsite and we will arrange a suitable time to get it done. You don’t have to worry about scheduling tradesmen or calling your tenants – we do all that for you.
We can arrange pick-up and delivery of keys to wherever they have to go. Just tell us where you want them, and we will get the keys there.
We can provide written reports as well as any photographic & documentary evidence that may be needed for insurance companies, bond claims, or VCAT hearings.
We provide easy written quotes with recommendations & photos for presentation to your clients
We can offer generous 28 day payment terms to approved clients.
All our Mobile Locksmiths are professional & well presented as well as also being visibly uniformed & easily identifiable to the public, in order to provide good representation for our clients.


Emergency Lockouts – Fast & dependable, fixed price lockout services that you and your tenants can count on.
Emergency Lock Changes & Repairs – Melbourne wide 24h rekey and repair services for lost leys & broken locks.
Keys cut to code – Letterbox & Furniture keys cut by number & and promptly delivered anywhere you like.
Letter Box Security Upgrades and Lock Replacement –We offer letterbox security upgrades and new codeless lock upgrades for mail boxes to ensure that your client’s info can’t be compromised by a rogue locksmith cutting keys to code.
Key pick-up and delivery service – If needed, we will come to you to before & after the job to pick-up & deliver the required keys.
Full written reports & quotes –for insurance companies,VCAT hearings, committee meetings or an owner for their perusal or final decision. We’re happy to provide written reports and quotes at minimal charge.

Compliance to Building Codes – We make sure that all of our work complies with all of the relevant building code, whether it is a pool gate or a fire exit door, we’ve got you covered.
Security Hardware Maintenance Plans – We have long term commitment plans available where we take full responsibility for the good functioning of all the security hardware in a given building, including locks, handles, hinges, & closers. We will come to your premises as often as we need to in order to prevent problems before they happen.
28 day payment terms – Standard payment terms for approved clients. All others pay cash. (Or card)

Communal Entry Door Locks & Handle Specialists – Very high traffic doors on commercial & multi residential buildings, need top quality hardware to ensure security & durability to stand up to relentless use & abuse day after day after day.

We know what you need. We have it in stock ready to install today.

Door Guards & Anti-Jemmy Plates – Essential for commercial & multi residence doors, there are different types for different locks & handle configurations.  We carry most types on board in our van, so no more waiting till Monday to fix that door after a break in.

Door Closers – If the door is not closed, it is certainly not locked. Door closers work especially hard on commercial & multi residence buildings and need to be periodically serviced & adjusted to ensure smooth functionality. We are the door closer experts, and can adjust & service most closers to make sure the door closes reliably and safely.

Fire Rated Locks & Exit Hardware – Multi-residence & commercial buildings are required by law to use hardware that is compliant. Most of the legislation written is about Fire Exit Hardware & Disability Access. We know the legislation when it comes to Security Hardware, so the locks & security hardware on the spaces that you manage will always be compliant.

Key Safes & Drop Boxes – Combination lock key safes have become the norm for use in and around large commercial apartment blocks when needing somewhere to secure a set of keys onsite. There are many different brands and levels of quality when it comes to these devices. Most are fairly secure, and some are not secure at all. We’ve worked with them all, and know them inside out. Before you use the wrong one and compromise your client’s security, give us a call.

Power Industry Compliant Locks – Electrical Meter Boxes & Cupboards need to be secured with locks that are compliant with the Power Company’s key. We have such locks.

Fire Brigade Access Locks – Your fire hydrants and fire fighting equipment should be secured with locks & keys that are compatible with the MFB key so that they can quickly access what they need to get the job done. This is usually done with a 003 key and lock, but higher security versions are available.

Electric Strikes & Mag Locks– Many communal entry doors with intercoms are controlled by electric strikes and or Magnetic Locks. We are experts when it comes to access control and can supply & install all of these products.

Storage Cage Security Upgrades – The storage cages & cupboards in residential buildings usually located in the car park are attractive targets for thieves. We have the locking solutions to make them super secure for your residents.
High Security Restricted Master Key Systems – We supply, install & maintain many of the higher security key systems in use today throughout the commercial and multi-residence lock market. These systems have the advantage of knowing exactly who has which key, and knowing that no more can be cut anywhere without authorisation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically it is a fixed rate, of :

  • $ 99.00 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm,
  • $149.00 Mon-Fri 5pm-midnight, all day Saturday
  • $199.00 midnight to 9am Mon-Fri, 5pm-midnight Saturday, all day Sunday
  • PLUS
  • $45.00 per lock.
  • So.. If you had front and back door, and called us at 10am Monday morning then the price would be $99 +$45 +$45 = $189.00 including up to 6 keys.
  • No hourly rate. No charge per key side. No removal fee.

It is a flat rate. There are some exceptions such as commercial glass doors with locks on the bottom, and older style mortice locks with pin & flag keys, but they constitute a tiny fraction of the market and we will have asked you over the phone already what type of locks you have.

  • If they all use the same key profile, then yes. You can check this yourself, by trying to insert the keys from one into the other’s lock. If the keys go in but do not turn, then they are the same key profile. No it does not cost extra and will save money in the long run.
  • As many as you ask for! Up to 3 keys per lock are supplied included, and extra keys are charged at $5.00 each.
  • Absolutely. You will be just as secure as you were before, and maybe more so, as the locksmith will have removed the lock, verified is functionality, re-keyed it, and re -fitted it to your door. You can 100% rely on the fact that your missing keys, will not work in the lock once we have re-keyed it.
  • That depends on your location and the situation. However we aim to respond to emergency situations within 30 minutes. At the time of booking, you will be given an ETA of the locksmith’s arrival and direct phone number all confirmed by SMS. This generally will be a 15 minute arrival window. E.g. 20 – 35 minutes depending on location and traffic conditions.

Emergency? We Can Help