Locked out of your car?

Emergency Automotive Locksmith

Locking your keys in the car is easy to do. We’ve all done it, and it’s easier than you think. In a moment of absent mindedness, the door goes slam, the keys are still inside the car, and there goes your day. Or so you thought! At 24h Melbourne Locksmith, we have emergency auto locksmiths on call 24/7, waiting to help you get back into your locked car no matter the hour or the make or model. With one phone call to us, we can be there within 20-30 minutes so you can be back on the road in no time with minimal disruption to your day. We won’t leave you waiting for hours on end wondering where we are and when we’ll show up − we turn up when we say we will.

Our 100% No Damage Guarantee

We will open any car on the road in Australia without damage, 100% guaranteed. Our auto locksmith vans are fully equipped to deal with any car lockout quickly and without fuss. It doesn’t matter if you have a 1978 Toyota Celica or a 2018 BMW 7 Series. In 2017, we helped more than 1000 people get back into cars of all varieties. Our emergency automotive locksmiths opened every single one without damage, and we can do the same for you.

Our 100% Quoted Price Guarantee

When we speak to you on the phone, we will ask you what sort of car you have and what year model. From this information, we will give you a fixed quote price that absolutely will not change. You only pay after the car is opened, and the price quoted is the price you will pay. Not a cent more.

Don’t Fall for the “Cheap” Scammer Auto Locksmith

There are some very shady characters going around claiming to charge “$45 and up” to open your car. These people are scammers, as there is no such thing as a $45 emergency auto locksmith. They want to charge you the $45 to come and “have a look”. When they get to you, they’ll inevitably tell you that you have special locks or that your car is high security, and the price goes up drastically. The truth is that there is absolutley no reason NOT to be able to give a fixed quote over the phone for a given make and model.

Not only that, but if you do inadvertently fall for their bait n switch,they can do a lot of damage to your car, using crowbars and coat hangers to open your door.

There are more than a few of these scammers floating around Melbourne, and we have seen some their work. Check out this video that details the scam. As well as overcharging your credit card, these amateurs will likely scratch your paint and put holes in your nice leather seats.

Read their fine print if they have any, and you might find that it’s long, complicated and full of “ifs” and “buts”.

Our fine print is only 2 rules in large print so there is no confusion:

  1. We will open your car for the price we quoted in the time frame estimated.
  2. We 100% guarantee not to do any damage to your car while opening it.

Bypassing Modern Auto Security

Car makers have gone to a lot of trouble to make sure you can’t just open their cars easily. Many cars on the road today have high security features like:

  • Rolling code remotes
  • Central locking
  • Immobilisers
  • Proximity key push start ignitions
  • Flush set or grab resistant pull up buttons
  • Recessed handles
  • Fixed cams on locks
  • Guarded linkages

These once used to be things expected on a high end European luxury car. Today, most of these things come as standard in a Toyota Camry or Ford Focus. Although these things can help successfully stop amateur car thieves and dodgy locksmiths from stealing cars, they don’t stop us. Our emergency automotive locksmith can always open your car for the price quoted, without damage − 100% guaranteed.

The Opening Process

Upon arrival on site, we will ask you to sign a simple form which documents the details of the car like the colour, make, model and number plate. This also helps us to formally identify you. You don’t have to prove that you own the car, but you do have to prove your identity. We understand that there can be cases where you don’t legally own a car but still have legal possession, such as in the case of a rental car.

The form we get you to fill out has our company name on it, as well as our relevant license and business registration numbers. It will also be personally signed by the locksmith who did the work. You will get the original copy of this form as a Tax Invoice upon completion and payment of the job.

Once the legal waiver part of the form is signed, our emergency auto locksmith can open your car. The method used can vary depending on whether the car is deadlocked or non-deadlocked.

The Opening of Normal, Non-Deadlocked Cars

On vehicles that do not deadlock, it’s usually easier to manipulate the inside door furniture than it is to pick the lock or mess with the linkage inside the mechanism. To do this, we need just a small amount of access to the inside of the car. Our emergency automotive locksmiths use specialty pneumatic bags and wedge tools to open a gap between the door and the pillar. These tools were designed to apply a strong force in an expanding motion in such a way as to open a gap without leaving any scuff marks or damage whatsoever.

With the small gap opened, we then insert our long, plastic coated specialty grab tool to manipulate the door handle or pull up a button. These specialty grab tools are shaped and formed for the particular model of vehicle we need to open, and are plastic coated to ensure no marks are left on metal surfaces. Any sharp angles are deliberately rounded, and the tips have rubber buffers on them to help grab onto whatever surface we’re manipulating. The door is now unlocked and we can open the door and retrieve your keys.

The Opening of Deadlocked Cars

A car that’s deadlocked means that all the inside user controls to open the door are disabled. If you were sitting in a deadlocked car, you would not be able to get out of it.  None of the handles would open the doors and all the central locking buttons would be disabled.

Some typical cars that deadlock include:

  • All models of Mercedes, BMW and AUDI after 2000
  • All Holden Commodores VN to VX
  • All Toyota Camrys after 2002

This is by no means an extensive list, and new cars are being added to the deadlocking vehicles list all the time.  A good rule of thumb is that if the car is of medium quality and built after 2005, then it’s probably a deadlocking car. Do not attempt to open these cars yourself. Not only will you likely scratch the paintwork, but you may do other damage and make it harder for a professional to do their work.

All attempts to open these cars using the previous method are a waste of time and will more than likely only result in damage to the car. We have even been to deadlocked car jobs with the keys locked in the boot where the owner has tried to save money by smashing a window in an attempt to gain access, but even then they still haven’t solved the problem.

Listen and take heed when we say that the only way to open a deadlocked car of this nature is to pick the driver’s door lock. In most cases, the lock can only be picked with specialty tools costing hundreds of dollars each that are particular to the car we’re working on. A basic set of 20 of these picks to cover 80% of the cars on the road costs in the thousands of dollars.

When our emergency auto locksmiths are picking auto locks in order to open the car, we need to turn the lock the correct direction, just like you would with the correct key. There’s no rule to turn BMW locks left and Toyotas to the right − it’s a 50/50 left or right choice. To pick a modern auto lock like the ones in a 2015 models of Mercedes, BMW or Toyota isn’t easy and takes a lot of practice.

You can find loads of information and videos on the internet and you’re invited to try it out for yourself. But you’ll find that it’s much harder than it looks, and you need to have very good tactile and visual senses in order to be successful, as well as a lot of patience.

We already have the tools and have done the practice so that you don’t have to. Call our professionals to avoid wasted time and potential damage to your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on the make, model, and year of car; the manner in which it has been locked, where you are and what time it is. Simple openings of non-deadlocked cars as explained above are around:

  • $ 90-120 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
  • $ 120-170 5pm – midnights, Monday to Friday, All day Saturday,
  • $ 170 – 220 after midnights, all day Sunday

Openings of Deadlocked cars are really a different kettle of fish, and have to be priced a different way as some are different and can a long time to open them. We still guarantee a fixed price no matter the time taken. Typical prices to open deadlocked cars are around

    • $ 130-180 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
    • $ 180-230 5pm – midnights, Monday to Friday, All day Saturday,
    • $ 230-400 after midnights, after hours Saturday, & all day Sunday

The price will depend on the make, model and year of manufacture, location of the keys, and time of day. Our emergency automotive locksmith will give you a fixed quote over the phone before we start and the price will not change − we guarantee it.

We absolutely 100% guarantee that we won’t cause any damage to your car.

Ownership no, but identity yes. There are many circumstances that require someone other than the owner of a lock to call a locksmith to open it, such as borrowed cars, rentals and company cars. We will always ask some questions and request some proof of identity. Although the legitimate client’s privacy is assured, we have a good working relationship with Victoria Police and regularly correspond with them if we have any concerns about the legality of a job. If you’re not committing a crime, then you don’t have anything to worry about.

Ring your cousin’s aunt’s best friend’s dad and ask him to send you the (dubious) link/film/footage, and then you can mess about watching and practising the unproven techniques you see with home-made tools. We can’t “tell you the secret” over the phone, as there is no “secret”. Our professional locksmiths have had years of education and experience.

There are no fixed rules as to the pricing of these keys, as every vehicle is different depending on the make, model and year, diesel or petrol, and the type of key. There are many cars and keys out there, and some are easier to make keys for than others. At the time of booking, our operator will ask about the specifics of the car and provide you with an accurate quote. Please visit our car keys page to learn more

That depends on your location and the situation. We have a number of dedicated emergency auto locksmiths, and our dispatcher will advise you upon booking. At the time of booking, you’ll be sent an SMS with an ETA of the locksmith’s arrival and their direct phone number. This generally will be a 15 minute arrival window.

Yes, you can pay with Visa, AMEX or MasterCard.

No. All services must be paid for upon completion, unless arranged prior with the management. We accept Cash, or Visa/MasterCard.

Upon confirmation of the job, you will be informed by text that you have 15 minutes to cancel our service with no charge. After 15 minutes of that text, any cancellation will be charged at $49.50inc GST regardless of whether any work has been performed by us or not. A charge of $49.50inc GST is only fair when a locksmith has gone out of their way or gotten out of bed to attend to you.

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